Welcome to EcommerceRide

I thought it was about time I found a place to share everything I learn during my journey as an ecommerce entrepreneur and a blog is the perfect place for this. You’ll come along on the ride of being an ecommerce entrepreneur with me.

This means that the countless hours/days then I spend researching into which hosting to use, where link building tools to employ, what conversion rates work and so on can be summed up here so I can save you time! Nice eh!

I also quite enjoy blogging, I find it rather a nice change from working on other tasks I do, some of you who know me may well remember during my days as an affiliate marketer I used to run a blog called AffiliateStudent.co.uk , aptly named as I was at university at the time and also running my affiliate websites. People seemed to enjoy reading it so I thought I’d make my return in to the blogging world however it’ll be in the ecommerce world.

What I’ll be blogging about

I’ll be blogging about everything you could imagine when it comes to ecommerce, from the age old question that gets asked all the time “which ecommerce platform should I use” to helping you get traffic to your site, this site will be suitable for those who run multi million ecommerce stores to those who don’t even have a website up yet. I’ll also be talking about the advantages of working for yourself and how I’ve got my business setup so I can work remotely anywhere in the world (as long as I have an internet/3g connection). As you’ll see from the featured photo this was in Thailand when I worked remotely over there for a few months.


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